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EcoToys For Children
EcoToys For Children 
Natural, Safe and Organic 
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When you look at a lot of toys these days you don't really think of them as something that will help your child grow into a well balanced person. The majority of the time their main purpose is to entertain, and keep them from getting on your nerves too much right? Well these toys aren't any good in the long run. What you need is something that will help with overall development.

A lot of the toys you will find out there don't offer this, but if you decide to get the Milani Wood M2 City Mini Set for your kids, then you won't have to worry about this. Let's take a look at how the majority of toys out there compare as far as child development goes. 

·       The majority of toys out there don't help kids to set goals. These toys are usually made to help them keep their minds engaged in fantasy, which doesn't have to be a bad thing. The problem is it becomes too easy to fantasize rather than to focus on something real. These toys turn your kid into a dreamer not a doer.
With the Milani Wood M2 City Mini Set your kids will have a toy that's going to help them set goals. And as they achieve those goals their confidence is going to grow. What do you think will happen as a result? Their performance will improve in many other areas and they will excel at things other kids struggle with. 

·       The majority of toys out there really don't require kids to think ahead. The consequence of this is that they set themselves up to fail. These types of toys don't teach kids how to prepare in order to give them the best chance of accomplishing something and this will transfer over into other areas of their lives.
With the Milani Wood M2 City Mini Set your kids will be learning how to plan ahead. Learning how to plan ahead will enable kids to look at the possible consequences of certain actions or inactions. Kids will be able to learn how to create solutions for future problems so they don't get discouraged to move forward. This is what will help kids stay motivated. 

·       The majority of toys out there don't help kids to learn how to overcome challenges. Most toys out there are all about fun and enjoyment. You can have some of these toys, but you don't want your kids to have nothing but these types of toys. Your kids are going to face challenges in life that they will need the resolve to overcome.
With the Milani Wood M2 City Mini Set your kids are going to learn how to overcome challenges by thinking of ways to push past points of resistance. The can start off small using these and work their way up. By helping to build up their resolve your kids will want to tackle even greater challenges that in turn will lead to heightened self esteem. 

Basic description of the Milani Wood M2 City Mini Set

The Milani Wood M2 City Mini Set will give your child the ability to create a nice look city in less than a square meter. This is an ecotoy set and the inspiration for it was modern architecture. There is a cotton play-mat that has 5 areas of green felt and it's made to create a city in concert with nature. 

Product details:
·       The set contains 100 construction pieces including buildings, elevated roads, and trees.
·       Play-mat is 50x50 cm.
·       Manufactured in Italy.
·       Made of FSC-certified beechwood and cotton.Recommended for ages 7 and up.
·       Price: $44.99
·       Manufactured by: Beyond 123
·       EcoScore: 95

Let your kids experience the Milani Wood M2 City Mini Set. It will help them develop in ways few other toys out there can.

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